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The Easiest Phone Message Solution. Period.

We know how difficult it can be to manage messages for yourself, and your office. Convomojo.com makes managing messages easy, the way it should be. Each phone message goes into your account, not on a loose phone sheet to be lost or forgotten. Imagine an electronic phone sheet that you can access from anywhere, share with others, and print or export anytime you want. That is the power of Convomojo.com

Who uses convomojo.com instead of phone sheets or message pads? Everyone!

Personal Assistants and Office Managers love convomojo.com for its power and ease of use. Unlike phone sheets, Convomojo.com keeps a perfect record of every phone message you receive, and even those you make - AND it can manage messages for your whole office! That is why convomojo.com is the preferred phone message and conversation management solution for so many.

It does not matter what industry your in, convomojo.com is perfect for P.A's, Personal Coaches, Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Sports Agents, Hollywood Execs, you name it!

Ditch the paper phone sheets and let convomojo.com handle all your phone messaging needs. No wasted paper, no lost messages, no hassle and instant setup. All convomojo.com phone message accounts get a free 30 day trial. Watch the video, or sign up now

Say goodbye to

  • Lost important messages
  • Paper clutter
  • Losing track of important conversations
  • Forgetting where you left off...
  • Too_many_messages
  • Not knowing what to handle first
  • Trying to rely on memory...
  • Unmanageable conversations...
  • Appearing incapable to clients/calls you forgot about or did not get handled!
  • Expensive, overly complex solutions that don't really deliver what you need

Great Reasons To Start Now

  • It's quick and easy to get started
  • It's super easy to use
  • Secure 128 bit SSL connection (Bank Level security)**
  • Manage your whole Team or Office!
  • Perfect for Virtual teams/remote users
  • Your users can have Full or Partial privileges
  • Access your account from anywhere
  • Use the handy "Private!" feature
  • Have messages (SMS) to your phone or mobile device
  • Have messages emailed to you
  • As low as 49ยข a day!
  • Compatible with any computer
  • Nothing to install
  • No software to upgrade
  • No IT support required
  • No contracts!
  • No cluttered paper phone sheets
  • Set automatic priority levels for any contact!
  • Export your messages for important record keeping (Lawywers, Doctors, Professionals of all kinds)*
  • Import your contacts from most popular mail providers*
  • Fully Customizable look and feel. Use your own Logo/colors and branding!**
  • Easily view any time span or category.

Our Customers...

“...your service has been a life saver since I started using it, I used to have a million little Message slips and notes everywhere and finally starting to have a cleared off desk again.” Brian F, Newport Beach, CA

“This really makes handeling my 40+ daily messages a breeze... I don't know how I survived without convomojo!” Johny G, Portland

“I love being able to plan calls in advance, and track the results of my conversations. Thinking proactively about my communications is a real boost to my overall performance.” Jennifer L, Tacoma


“Are you kidding! My personal assistant is so much more efficient (and thankful) now that we can collaborate on my communications, instead of shuffling paper notes and random emails.” “Dane K, Atlanta

“The ability [for my PA] to automatically text my phone with important messages is so easy it's silly. And he does not have to waste time redundantly entering information. A real timesaver.” April R, Chicago

Get the messaging control you need - for yourself, or your whole office!

It's so easy to lose track of important conversations or misplace an important message. We have all done that! Now, with convojo.com, you can easily and quickly manage all of your messages, incoming AND outgoing - for you and your P.A., or for your whole office! And do it all without those annoying phone sheets cluttering up your desk.

Track and manage those messages for your important clients and prospects, and be instantly aware of your previous communications when they call back.

*Availabel Q1 2010. **for Silver level plans and above.